Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Planning for our third annual Ukulele Retreat over the 2014 Easter Weekend is well under way. So soon? Yes, it does seem like the last one has just finished, but it was such a resounding success that we have our work cut out making the next retreat even better.

Here’s a video from this year’s retreat that’ll help you get a feel for what it’s all about:

The 2014 Retreat is a work in progress, but this is what’s already been confirmed:
We’ll be back at the beautifully remote Camp Quaranup, near the historic port of Albany at the very bottom of Western Australia.
Once again, there’ll be four full days and nights of workshops, concerts and kanikapila jams, with unfettered access to some of the finest musicians and teachers in Hawaii and Australia.

Kimo Hussey will return yet again, gracing us once more with his virtuoso playing, inspirational teaching and gentle Aloha spirit. He’ll be supported again by Australian duos AJ Leonard and cellist Jenny Rowland, as well as brother and sister act Sam and Lucy Lemann. The world-renowned Australian luthier Scott Wise will also be back to demystify the origins and construction of the ukulele.

The tuition programme will incorporate and build on what was covered at previous retreats, so first-timers won’t feel left behind but returnees will find much that is new.

The numbers will again be capped. Last year’s retreat had 50 students - twice the number of the first one - but we still managed to keep everyone in the same class without it feeling too crowded. We’re capping the intake at 50 again this year.

The value of having everyone, including all the tutors, in the same class - regardless of which tutor is leading the session - means that no students miss out on any sessions, while tutors are able to create a smooth flow throughout the retreat, with each new session building on the others.  There will again be breakout workshops after the regular sessions. We’ll keep you posted as the programme details develop.

Registration is not open yet: we’ll keep you posted.