Camp Quaranup was established in 1875 on a picturesque peninsula with views across Princess Royal harbour to the historic whaling town of Albany, where the first Europeans set foot in Western Australia. Since whaling was stopped in 1978, many of the old colonial buildings have been converted into museums, restaurants and bars. If you have time to spare before or after the retreat, a few days stay in Albany is highly recommended.

Camp Quaranup is surrounded by national park and beaches and April usually has the finest weather. The buildings are delightful weatherboard structures, with wooden floors and a lovely, live sound for acoustic instruments. This year, we'll again be in the larger 'main' section of the camp, with spacious accommodation and outdoor areas for lounging, jamming or red-wining. The accommodation is dormitory style - there are no private rooms. This does, however, help create a group atmosphere - a greater sense of a shared experience that made the first two retreats so memorable.