What does the fee include?
Four nights accommodation. Three meals per day. Morning and afternoon tea. Six hours per day of tuition, reviews and breakout sessions with tutors. Evening concerts and kanikapilas. Morning yoga classes for the early birds.

What standard of player is the retreat for?
There are techniques and insights that will interest and benefit every level of player. However, it is strongly recommended that students know the basic Major, Minor and 7th chords in the first position for the keys of
C G D A F & Bb.

I was at the last retreat. Will I learn anything different this time?
Those who have attended our first two retreats will have noticed an evolution of the program, that retained many of the fundamentals of the earlier retreat while adding new and more diverse material. This will continue into our third retreat. What’s more, there will be now be Review Sessions every afternoon to help you nail down what you learned through the day. Also, as well as the tutors (Tutors) you had last time (apart from Zanuck), a vocal coach has joined the team to conduct sessions on vocals and harmonies. Plus, you will be able to join individual tutors for new Breakout Sessions after the day’s tuition and reviews. These will focus on specific subjects and issues not covered in the tuition program (Program)

Can I just come for the daytime lessons?
No. We don't encourage this because it tends to break the continuity and community feel of the event. This retreat is about being in a space where you can get away from the pressures of your everyday life, connecting with people who share a passion for the uke. A unique camaraderie develops over four days and nights of intensive learning and jamming - without the disruption of outside influences.

What do I bring?
Your own towel, pillow and warm doona as the nights can be chilly. Sheets are provided and blankets are available on request.  Bring some warm clothes for the nights, but also bring your bathers as there is a lovely beach close by and the weather at that time of year can be fine for swimming.

Do you cater for vegetarians and food allergies?
Yes. On your registration form you must clarify your needs with regards food requirements and any allergies you may have. Our chef will take that into consideration but needs to know in advance.

I don't have a car. How do I get to Albany from Perth?
We can help connect people to get lifts and share the fuel costs. (Contact us directly if you want to take part in this.) The other alternatives are to fly or take the bus.

Can I buy alcoholic drinks at the retreat?
No, best to bring your own with you.

Can I Record and/or Film the Lessons?

Generally yes - as long as it is only used for your own personal revision. Ultimately it is up to the tutor to give permission. Obviously nothing should be uploaded to the internet unless approved by retreat management. Access to recordings should be given to retreat management for promotional purposes.