Our tutors have been musicians and teachers for much of their lives. They’ve had solo careers, toured with bands, recorded in studios. They cover every genre, from blues to rock, classical to folk, jazz to hip-hop. Okay, maybe not hip-hop.

Yet Kimo is able to distil everything they know about music, and everything they will be teaching you at the retreat, into five words: left hand, right hand, theory. That’s all there is to it. Whether you’re strumming 12 bar blues or fiddling your way through a symphony, all you need is those five words. Each session gives you a new, greater insight into each of those disciplines. They’re explained enough for you to understand them, but probably not be proficient in them. What you learn in the sessions, you have to go away and practise back home. Some subjects might take you a few hours or days to get down, others could take a lifetime. The key things is you will understand what it is you have to learn, and know enough about it to be able to practise or your own.

Each tutor has their own style of playing or favourite genres. But as all are in each lesson together, whether or not they’re leading it, they’re able to build on what you’ve just been taught over the four days. Everything is connected. And it’s all a heap of fun.