Day Ukulele Retreat - April 18-22 2014

Why a retreat? The ukulele is arguably the most sociable instrument in the world - it just loves company. While most other instruments are meant to be played solo, or with a mix of different instruments, the ukulele is uniquely suited to be played with other ukes in groups of any size.
So the ukulele lends itself to an environment of group teaching, with a mix of group classes and break-out sessions, followed by evenings of practice, jamming and performing with strangers and friends. It's a much more intense and productive method than straightforward one-on-one teaching.

It's also shedloads more fun! Even outside the classroom hours and evening jams, you'll be in close company with the tutors for meals, drinks and loafing time. They'll be happy to talk with you on any uke subject, from chords to strings, strum rhythms to wood tones … the meaning of the lyrics in Whiter Shade of Pale …

Our third retreat will still retain the intimate and informal vibe of the first two. We're in the same magical location - with great food, up to 6 hrs of daily tuition with 7 (Tutors), evening concerts, Kanikapilas, jams and optional morning yoga. The total cost of the retreat will be AUS$795.

2013 Retreat Albany

'What an inspiring and uplifting few days. The skill and generosity of the instructors allowed for a rich experience for everyone, from the beginner through to the experienced player"     -  Jude Iddison