Kimo Hussey
Kimo Hussey  
Kimo has been described as "The Dalai Lama of the Ukulele.” Given his humble and gentle nature, Kimo would probably be uncomfortable with such flattery, but it certainly captures his natural charisma and seemingly effortless ability to inspire.

Taught to play by his Uncle Richard when just a boy, Kimo’s been playing the ukulele most of his life. Now retired from the airforce - where he honed his teaching skills instructing pilots! – Kimo is completely dedicated to his music: performing on stage and TV, recording in the studio and travelling the world to spread the Aloha spirit and the love of the ukulele.

Sam and Lucy Lemann
Sam and Lucy Lemann
Siblings Sam and Lucy Lemann grew up making music, from busking as children in Fremantle to touring the country and internationally with their own bands, including Nansing, The Jam Tarts and The Blue Leis.

They excel on any instruments they put their hands on - Sam is one Australia’s great jazz-guitarists - but their first love is the ukulele. They visit Hawaii every year to learn, perform and reconnect with the Aloha spirit embodied in Hawaiian music.

AJ and Jenny
AJ Leonard and Jenny Rowlands

Multi instrumentalist, arranger and recording artist A.J.Leonard  was playing the ukulele 30 years ago when hardly anyone cool outside Hawaii was – apart from George ! A frequent visitor to Hawaii, the spiritual home of the instrument, he is highly regarded to be among the best in the world.

The duo, with classically trained cellist Jenny Rowlands, regularly tours Australia and the USA, performing and teaching. Together they have developed a rapport, becoming known for their ukulele/cello interplay.

Scott Wise
Scott Wise 
Based in Margaret River, Scott is a student of historic Hawaiian ukuleles and their methods of construction, many of which he applies in his own workshop today. Scott takes us on a journey through the relatively unknown early history of the instrument, and gives an intimate insight into how he employs traditional techniques and tools. He's a pretty handy musician too!

Teresa Hughes

Teresa Hughes is an Albany based singer and Choir director. She has worked as a musician, choral director and as a teacher of voice, guitar and ukulele. She completed a postgraduate Diploma in Education in 2007.
Teresa (Centre) and students
In 1996 Teresa founded the choir Safety in Numbers and also runs beginners singing and ukulele workshops as well as directing and performing with a local group known as the Uke-ladies. Teresa performs in local Albany band the Giddy Aunts singing vintage songs in harmony and she loves to dress-up.
Her workshops focus on vocal technique and vocal health as well as harmony and part-singing.
Teresa’s first musical instrument was a ukulele.